10 Awesome Ways To Attract More Orders

1. Establish a directory of free ebooks on a certain subject at your website. Visitors to your website will read the free ebooks and may also see an advertisement for your goods.

2. Make a portion of your website a members-only area. Use the access as a free extra for one of your goods rather than charge for it.

3. Include a free section for classified ads on your website.
With other websites that offer free classified ad sections, you may then exchange banner advertisements.

4. Make two versions of your e-zine so readers can decide whether or not they want advertisements in it.
Ad-averse people will be drawn to subscribe because of this.

5. Only release your e-zine on your website. Encourage folks to sign up for “new issue” email alerts.
Your traffic and sales may rise significantly as a result.

6. Charge for ad space on your product packaging.
You might market electronic product inserts, flyers, brochures, booklets, and digital advertisements.

7. Provide monthly or daily rewards for visitors. Because your visitors will return frequently to receive the visitor perks, this will improve your repeat traffic and sales.

8. Make it possible for users to get free software or e-books from your website. Simply request a referral from your visitors in exchange for them visiting your website.

9. Temporarily giving your goods away to signups will help you increase the amount of people who join your free affiliate network quickly.

10. Offer to let publishers of e-zines join your affiliate network and receive commissions for each ad you run in exchange for free or heavily discounted advertising.