10 Killer Ways To Multiply Your Sales

1. Follow up with the consumer after your first transaction. You may send a “thank you” email as a follow-up with an advertisement for other goods you market. You could check in periodically.

2. You could offer your customers an upsell. When they arrive at your order page, let them know about a few additional relevant items you are selling. They only needed to include it in their initial order.

3. Inform your clients that they will receive a full refund of their purchase price if they send four new customers to your website. As a result, one transaction will become three sales.

4. Provide clients with the option to join an affiliate network when you sell a product so they can earn income by reselling your goods. The sale you just made will increase as a result.

5. Market the rights to reprint or reproduce your goods.
You may put an advertisement for another product you sell on or with the product. Both the reproduction rights and the finished work could be sold.

6. You may bundle your product with that of other companies to cross-promote them. You can have other companies sell your other products by placing an advertisement or flyer with them.

7. Include a voucher for further relevant products you sell in the package when you ship or deliver your product. This will encourage them to purchase other goods from you.

8. Send your consumers a catalog of extra items to go with the main item they bought. This could include additions, exclusive services, attachments, etc. If customers like your goods, they’ll purchase the additional extras.

9. Provide gift cards for your goods. When the recipient redeems the gift certificate, you’ll make sales from the original transaction. They might also purchase other things from your website.

10. Include a free gift in your clients’ order packages. Your advertisement ought to be printed on the gifts. It may be t-shirts, ball caps, bumper stickers, etc. This will enable others to view your advertisement and place an order.